Golang With Gorotine(2)

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  • goroutine은 무엇인가? -> 여기서 나오는 개념들에 대해서 가볍게 설명할 필요 있을듯. 쓰레드는 무엇인지, 동시성 (Concurrent computing) 이란 무엇인지

  • 간단한 사용법
    • main goroutine
    • 키워드와 간단한 코드.
  • goroutine의 장점.
    • goroutine의 장점들~~~
    • goroutine은 어떻게 가벼운가?
    • goroutine이 다른 쓰레드 개념과 무엇이 다른가.
  • goroutine의 단점.
    • 코딩을 잘못했을 떄 goroutine이 무한으로 생길 수 있는 문제. (나의 경험담)


추가적으로 작성할만한 내용. 스케쥴링에 대해서. MPG 모델.

goroutine을 사용할때 동시성을 어떻게 지킬 수 있을지. 통신은 어떻게 할 수 있는지.

goroutine 활용에 대해서는 두번째 글에서

그린 쓰레드: Goroutines are also often called green threads. Green threads are maintained and scheduled by the language runtime instead of the operating systems. The cost of memory consumption and context switching, of a goroutine is much lesser than an OS thread. So, it is not a problem for a Go program to maintain tens of thousands goroutines at the same time, as long as the system memory is sufficient.

Go doesn’t support the creation of system threads in user code. So, using goroutines is the only way to do (program scope) concurrent programming in Go.

When the main goroutine exits, the whole program also exits, even if there are still some other goroutines which have not exited yet.


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